How Elementor can save you time and money

March 2, 2021

This post has Affiliate links. That means that I will get a tiny percentage if you buy anything using the link in this post. This post was not written to promote and earn money – this post was written to show how I work and what I believe in.

Where did you get your theme? Did you buy an expensive – but oh so beautiful! – theme from ThemeForest?

Was it perfect? Absolutely perfect or just “almost perfect”?

Chances are you bought something that felt amazing and then when you installed it, it turned out you couldn’t really change everything and somethings just didn’t really go with your brand. And even worse, you couldn’t figure out how to change things to suit your content! So what are you going to do now? Live with “almost perfect”? Invest in another theme and try again? What about in 6 months when you pivoted because the world’s gone bonkers again?

There is another solution

What if you could decide exactly how your website looks?

What if you could change every.single.thing?

What if changing the footer was as easy as clicking on “Edit footer”? And same for the header?

Say hello to Elementor PRO!

What if you could change every.single.thing?

What is Elementor?

Elementor is the world-leading Page builder for WordPress, in 2020 they reached 7 million active downloads.

If you’ve never worked with a page builder before here’s a quick breakdown:

Elementor turns your page into a blank canvas upon where you can do whatever you want. To build pages you drag and drop different blocks, eg Headline, text, image, Icons, search form, whatever you want and need. By fine-tuning the settings on them you can create whatever look you want.

If you don’t want to start from scratch Elementor PRO offers a lot of Templates and starter blocks to help you get up and running.

Create high-converting wordpress website with elementor

Why it’s better than a theme

This is how Elementor can save you time and money!

Let’s say you go on a hunt for the perfect theme when you just started your business. There are millions of themes out there and after going through thousands you finally set on something that looks perfect!

You download, install and start playing around. Turns out you can’t figure out how to change that little annoying green thing. Your branding is purple and it really sticks out. And your content doesn’t really fill up the boxes that the theme provides. But it’s “almost perfect”.

Don’t get me wrong, “almost perfect” can be enough when you’re just starting out.

Then the world goes bonkers again, hello Covid, and you need to pivot. And you need to change things around and offer new services on your website. Now the theme doesn’t fit at all.

So you go through it all again. New theme, new struggles, new “almost”.

What if:

What if you instead had built a perfect website from the start? No need to dig through themes, just decide what you want and build it. Done.

Then you need to pivot and your website needs to change. So you change it. Yourself. Done.

That’s Elementor.

So you change it. Yourself.

Can you do it for Free?

Well, yes. You COULD. With the free version of Elementor, some more plugins, some more menus and code you can do it for free.

Unless you are really comfortable with code and php that will not save you time.

But the PRO version not only makes it easier for you to build every page you need, but it also has a lot of things built in. Build your own contact forms and decide exactly how they look and what happens when someone submits your form. Build and design your WooCommerce, create your popups etc.

You can sign up for your own Pro account here. Choose personal for 1 site, it’s 49$/year.

Compare that to a premium theme.

This is how I’m working

I’m done with “almost perfect” and themes. I don’t want to struggle through themes that don’t work anymore. So this is how I’m working in 2021:

Hello Theme

Elementor PRO

This makes it possible to create a website that is perfectly aligned with your brand and business, in every little detail, on every single page. No more “almost”, only perfect.

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