20 things your website can do for you

November 24, 2021

Don’t tell me you “don’t need a website” because you have an Instagram account.

It’s not about having one OR the other. The magic is in the combination of having BOTH. An Instagram account that can drive traffic to your website (read more about that here!) and a website that can handle all your business needs – and drive traffic back to your Instagram.

But your website can do so much more than just “be there” to inform your potential clients about who you are and what you do.

Here are 20 things that your website can do for you!

20 things your website can do for you

20 things your website can do for you

  1. Build your email list
  2. Build your authority
  3. Build your brand and vibe
  4. Answer your follower’s FAQ
  5. Sell out your course while you are asleep
  6. Generate traffic from Google
  7. Turn followers into clients
  8. Get leads to contact you
  9. Get new leads while you’re at the gym/beach/coffee shop
  10. Show your leads the results you’ve gotten
  11. Show your leads how much your previous clients love you
  12. Tell your followers more about you
  13. Show your visitors how they can work with you
  14. Drive traffic to your Instagram
  15. Give potential leads all your speaking information and media kit and your previous speaking gigs
  16. Integrate your calendar and get potential clients to book a call with you
  17. Host your evergreen content
  18. Get your followers to share your content
  19. Collect feedback from visitors
  20. Sort through who can apply to work with you 1:1

That is just some of the things your website can do for you! None of these things requires you to be there and actively engage with them. ALL of this is automatic and just happens through your website.

Can your DM’s do all that?

20 things your website can do for you

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