how to refresh your site in 5 easy ways

freshen up your website

When was the last time you updated and gave your website a fresh look?

Last week? Brilliant! ⭐️

Six months, a year ago? Not so good.

Your website is your window to the world. This is how people see you when they first come looking; you want to make sure that what they see is correct, updated – and amazing as you can make it!

Are you proud of your website? (if not, let me help you out!)
Is it current? Or is that picture in the header six months old? The top story still your ideas for Spring? And have you actually changed countries since you wrote that About page?

It’s a new season, let’s freshen up your website!

5 tips to refresh your site

Check your links

This is something you should take the habit of doing all the time.
Are all the links in your menu working? Are they relevant? Could they have better titles? Is the contact form on your website actually sending emails that you can receive? Go through it all.

Want to make this easier and automatic? Yes, please!
Download the Plugin “Broken link checker”. Install, activate and enter your email address in the settings. The plugin will notify you if there is a broken link somewhere on your site!

Update your About page

I do this all the time. It never really gets perfect and there is always one little change of wording I can do. AND update your picture! Do you still look like that, would people recognise you if they bumped into you on the street or have you actually got a different hair colour now?

Most sites use a Hero section with a huge picture, this might not be as easy to just change because you coloured your hair. So change a smaller picture of you somewhere else on the site!

Update your plugins

This is a quick one if you are using WordPress, update the plugins that need it. Usually, the developers have found a bug or something that’s dragging the plugin down and updating it is recommended. Get into the habit of doing this once a month.


With the latest WordPress update, you no longer need to think about this! You can set your plugins and theme to update automatically, yey!
A word of caution, though! Make sure to backup your site regularly and only turn on auto-update on plugins that you trust. Just in case.

Freshen up your content!

This is the fun bit!

  • Change your top story
  • Update your header
  • Freshen up the language in your Welcome message
  • Add a new blog post
  • If you are selling products, why not get some new shots taken that work for the season and feature them on your site?
Give your site a facelift!

Change the colour on something! Don’t go crazy, stick to your branding, but a pop of colour or weaving in a seasonal colour will only make you feel fresh and up to date. Move some sections around on your front page or maybe even add a completely new one!

Some of these things are crucial and should be done often, like updating and checking your links.
But some of these are just for fun and to show your clients that you are:
a) active
b) up to date.

You want to show new clients coming to your site that you are active and in business. Your website should show activity and not make your clients go “hmm, I wonder if she’s still in business?”

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