sybias mrktng

Social media coach


Leen Wuyts Van Den Eynde runs Sybias MrKtNg that helps you with your Social Media.

Leen didn’t really feel that she had the time or knowledge to completely finish and redesign her site and needed some help getting off the ground. 

Her number one goal was to start building her audience and her email list and inform people that she existed and how she could help them show up on Social Media.

  • Redesign of entire site
  • New pages
  • Automated site backup
  • Clean up of old themes and plugins

This was a fun and different project!

Leen is Dutch. Leen’s website is in Dutch.
I do not speak Dutch (turn I can sort of read it though).

So instead making a pixel perfect design, I had to sketch out ideas and boxes for Leen to fill out and then I went back in to fix up the design. Interesting approach that worked out alright.

"You did an amazing job! I just love working with you. You understand what I want and need."
Leen Wuyts Van Den Eynde