the well fed yogi

Plant-based vegan coach & Food blogger


Mary Callan is The Well Fed Yogi cooking up amazing recipes – and taking the most beautiful photos of the food in her kitchen.

But Mary was ready to go all in and turn this into her business and start showing up as a Plant-Based Vegan Coach.

Her main goals was to make it clear, user friendly, welcome and organise – and leave the green template she was using behind.


  • Redesign of Frontpage
  • Redesign of Coaching page
  • New Call to action for ebook freebie

Mary Callan reached out because she felt aligned with my style and when she shared some inspiration sites – it was very clear that this was going to be absolutely gorgeous!

We redesigned her Frontpage, making sure to highlight her free ebook to catch as many leads as possible. Mary also wanted to take one step away from being a food blog, but not leave it completely. After all, that is what she is amazing at.

Blended in with her amazing recipes we added a about section and a big section showing that she also does Coaching and Cooking classes.

Her new page introducing her Coaching services follows the same airy and welcoming style, and also showcases some of her amazing photography. Showing her different packages and prices signing up to work together is a no-brainer and a breeze.

"Oh my Goodness I LOVE IT!!!", "You've made the whole process so easy for me – I'm so thankful"
Mary Callan
Plant-based coach