fresh start

Your site – your brand – your business.

It’s all the same and this how you get it all seamlessly intertwined.

We will design a WordPress website that suits your goals, your brand and your business.

fresh start package includes

  • Goal Focused Questionnaire
    Before we start we need to know what you want, who you are and what your main goals with your business and website is. We’ll go through all of this with a Questionnaire and a follow-up call.
  • Full Website design on brand.
    Every page, frontpage, about page, contact page, service page is custom design to you. But also the pages you tend to forget, such as 404-page, search results, archives and also the look of your blog posts (if you want to blog about your zone of expertise) and blog roll. 
  • Email list integration
    Whether you want to offer a freebie or send out newsletters – we will hook up your email service with your website.
  • Basic SEO
    When building your site we set up the basics for SEO so that your amazing website also can be found 
  • Responsive design. 
    We will make sure your site looks amazing on desktop, tablet and phone.
  • Analytics
    Where are people coming from, what are they doing on your site – you need to know and MonsterInsights will tell you!
  • Learn YOUR website
    Is working with Elementor completely new for you? Don’t worry, once your website is finished we’ll have a full walkthrough of how everything works. This Zoom call will be recorded so you can return to it at anytime.

If you are new to Elementor, I will stay with you for ONE MONTH to help you with any questions, tweaks or updates that might come up in those first weeks!


Depending on the size of your site expect this entire process to take up to 1 month.

If you are in a hurry and need this done asap, please contact me here to inquire about the VIP lane.


Creating a brand new website and completely new design is a bold statement, both to yourself and your clients, and an investment to live with. Every client and website is different, but my prices range between:

1 000€ – 10 000€

you need to have:

  • Branding
    You need to have some sort of branding done before we start building your new website.
    • Does it need to be professional? Well no, but you need to be clear on: fonts, colours, design elements, logo, style. There are lots of amazing professionals offering branding, online courses and free guides that will walk you through a basic branding if you need help. At the moment I do not offer branding.
  • Domain and hosting
    • I can help you get WordPress installed

Apply here

Please be aware that this is WordPress only


Every client and website is different, have you got 3 pages or 10?
So I always like to hop on a quick Vision call to talk about your needs and goals first. After that I’ll put together a customised proposal for you.
However a small website with less than 4 pages will most likely stay within the 1000–2000 bracket.

Creating a new website is a big investment, so let’s make it as simple as possible for you.
First of all, you need to pay a deposit of 50% to reserve your spot in my schedule and to get the project started. After that we can break up the rest in 2-3 payments if you so wish. Or you could pay in full and be a superhuman.

Fresh start is the whole package. You get a completely new website that fits your brand, a responsive site that works on phone, tablet and desktop, email list integration, website analytics, basic SEO, speed test, security plugin etc.

A Redesign on the other hand is a redesign of what you already HAVE, eg We do not create any new pages or add lots of new content, you are free to do that once you have your new design. You also get:

  • Automatic backup installed & activated
  • Suggestions on how to speed up your site, make it more secure and what to do with the plugins you have/should have