January 19, 2023

How to add a template to your Showit account

The number one reason I work with Showit is because of how creative you can be. You can do WHATEVER you want; layer 3 things, put things half off half on the page, overlap design elements and images and navigation bars. The design element is completely free!

But if that freedom is instead a little bit intimidating for you, then a template might be the way forward. There are currently two Scandinavian, minimal and gorgeous templates in my Shop – have a look here!

This is how you add that gorgeous new template of yours to your Showit account to start customising it and creating your brand new website:

Showit Template Stockholm
Showit Template Stockholm


There are SO MANY templates out there! Have a quick search on Pinterest and I promise you will be overwhelmed by the choices. If you’re hanging out on my site I guess it’s because you’re more into the minimal, clean and Scandinavian look, then you can find my templates over here.

Look at live demos to see what the site actually looks like, read the small print, what’s included?

Here are some things you should be looking for:

  • Does the template include the boring but necessary pages such as 404 and Privacy policy?
  • If you want to blog: Does it include a Blog list and Blog post template?
  • Does it have a service page?
  • Do you get training videos?

All of my templates comes with Home page, About page, Contact page, Service page, 404, Privacy policy, Blog list, Blog post template and with placeholders for your CRM forms (eg Dubsado, Honeybook). They also have a Instagram feed in the footer and multiple CTA’s to promote your services.

All templates also comes with a huge Video library specific to that template where I teach you everything you need to know, page by page I go through the functions and how to modify and work with the template so you can do it all by yourself.

Should that be too overwhelming I also offer a Template Customisation with a turn around time of 1 week. Imagine, in 1 week you can have your new website launched! You can read more about that here!

How to add a template to Showit template


Once you’ve chosen and bought your favourite template you should receive a “Shared Design Key code”, or “Key code”.

A key code is a string of letters and numbers unique to that template. Copy it.


Add template code

Log into your Showit account and click your name in the lower left corner.

Click “Add to library” and paste your key code in the field “Shared design key”. Hit enter.

Now your new template lives in your Showit library!


In your Showit account, click your name again in the lower left corner.

Click “Create a new design” choose the tab on the top right called “Your designs” and choose your new template. Click “Start with the design”.

The template will load up for you ready to dig in!


I hear a lot of people saying that they are afraid of breaking their new template.

Here’s the thing: You can’t.

What you load up is a copy of the template and the actual template stays intact in your library.

So even if you manage to somehow “break” a page, you can just load in that specific page again from your template.

Here’s how to do that:


Add a page in Showit

Let’s say you broke a page and you need to start over.

Above the list of pages, you’ll see a little plus sign. Click that and choose “Add page”.

Now navigate to your template and find the page you need to restart with. Add that.

Delete the “broken” page, rename the just added page and try again.

This is one of the most valuable things with Showit templates for beginners! If you cannot break it you can try things, learn and make it uniquely yours. The template might work for you, but what if you moved some things around, and tried some things on your own? What would happen if that image goes over there instead?

Don’t be afraid to play and try things, you cannot screw up, and you can always start over again.

That’s it! Good luck!

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