How to make your website easy to read

Struggling reading your site

Are you having problems to get visitors to stay on your website for longer than a few seconds?

How does your bounce rate look on Google Analytics? You do have analytics on your site, right?


Ok, stop.

Go to your Dashboard, Add plugin: Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights and get it set up.

Ok, done? Good. Keeping a track of your stats is important. Not only to see your bounce rates but to see which pages people go to, where they come from and how they landed on your site. 


Are your bounce rates high? Are people landing on your FrontPage and then just disappearing within seconds?

It could be that they just aren’t your customers, they’re not interested in what you have to offer. And that’s fine.

text on backgrounds

It could also be that your website is a mess. And that they cannot actually make out what it is that you do. Make it extremely obvious to people what it is that you do. Maybe like this:

yoga girls hero image

I also see a lot of people making websites that are physically impossible to read.

I don’t mean because of the language used, because I cannot physically SEE the text. This is how you make your website easy to read!

Look at this example, which is easiest to read?

text hard to read on colourful background

Use colourful backgrounds if you want, but don’t just put text straight on them. Tone the picture down and/or put a white background around your text. Don’t be afraid of using black text on white backgrounds.

“But I am colourful!” you say. Great! Be colourful! But that’s not the first thing you want to tell your customers. You want to tell them what you do and how you can help them. Being colourful can come third. Or fourth, or whatever. Your message – what you sell and how you can help – is most important.

choosing the right colours

This also goes for choosing colours on buttons and on Call to Actions sections. Look at this:

buttons hard to read

Which button would you see when scrolling through a page? Which button would you instantly know to click?

If you are using WordPress own little button widget in your posts or pages, it will even warn you when your colours are becoming hard for people to read. Listen to those warnings and think through your colours choices one more time.

You want a website that looks amazing – but you also want a website that people can quickly read and understand.

And to be totally honest, that is more important than that it is pretty.

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