February 20, 2023

Is Dubsado worth the money?

Everyone likes to joke about how you have to wear all the hats as an entrepreneur. When you’re a mum with kids to look after, school activities to remember, dinners to cook and grocery shops to do it’s not a joke. There is nothing funny with trying to remember If you’ve reminded your client about their invoice, if the contracts has been signed, you’ve sent a “thank you” for a new application and what the next step in your onboarding is.

There is a way to get help with all of these things, without having to hire a person.

Enter Dubsado.

When I just started my business all these things were FUN, I got to have clients! I got to send out invoices and reminders and I was so grateful.

Then I got some more clients and I couldn’t remember how I formulated some emails so I had to dig them out of my archives. That was annoying.

Then I forgot to remind a client about an invoice and it got overdue. That was also annoying.

Then I got a new client and I had to do all the steps again, set up reminders to send emails and remember how those emails should be written to stay consistent through all my clients.

Sound familiar? Read on to learn how Dubsado can get rid of that annoyance, free up your time and make running a business easier.

What is Dubsado?

Dubsado is a powerful CRM (online customer relationship management software) designed for small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. They have 28 000 users and have been around for 7 years.

With the use of workflows and automations you can simplify – even eliminate! – a lot of your manual tasks.

For example: sending invoices, payment reminders, accept new clients and take them through your onboarding without you getting involved, offboard clients, say “no thank you” to the wrong clients etc etc.

I use Dubsado to send out automatic “thank you for applying” emails and also to turn down people who are on a different website platform than Showit. I use it for the ENTIRE onboarding process (invoice, contract, content collection) for my Website in a week/Template Customisation.

Dubsado also keeps all emails between me and the client in one place, no more setting up folders and trying to keep up with moving all the emails to the right folders.

My favourite feature is actually the canned emails. Instead of writing the same email again and again, I create a saved email and just use that template with one click. No more digging through folders looking for how I cleverly wrote that one thing last time, whenever last time was?

Can Dubsado help you?

As a female business owner wearing all the hats in your business having access to a powerful platform like Dubsado can make life and business a lot easier! With it’s help you can focus on what really matters – growing your business and taking care of clients.

  1. Do you have applications in your business?
  2. Do you send out invoices or contracts?
  3. Do you have certain emails that you always send to your clients at a certain point in their journey?
  4. Do you schedule discovery calls?

Then yes, Dubsado can help you.

How to integrate Dubsado with Showit

Log into your Dubsado account.

Create an application form (this would be the form that your interested leads will fill out to apply for 1:1 coaching with you) under Templates/Forms and Lead Captures.

When you’re finished click the icon with a square and an arrow to the left.

Click on the Embed code to copy it.

Log into your Showit account and navigate to the page you want this form on. Create a new section and click the square icon at the middle of the screen at the bottom and choose to add a “Embed code” block.

Click on the grey box that just appeared and look over to the right. Under the tab “Embed info” click the box to enter Custom code. Paste in your copied code.

This is the only tricky bit: Showit will not display this form correctly INSIDE Showit. You need to use the Preview to see how this actually looks. Adjust the embed code block on the page to the width you want and then play around with the position until it looks just right on the PREVIEW. Then do the same thing on the mobile side.

That’s it!

Set up your first automation

Right, now let’s put Dubsado to work!

Head back to Dubsado and go to Templates/Workflows.

Click on “Add Workflow” and name it something that’s logical to you, “Auto reply to application form” for example.

Click “Add action”.

Under Action choose “Send email”.

Choose When: 0 days “after workflow started” to send the email immediately.

Choose an email to send or write a customised one.

Hit “Apply” when you’re done.


You now have an Application form on your website that automatically sends your leads an email saying thank you for applying.

Idea for the auto-response email

  • Have the email answer some of your most Frequently Asked Questions. You could even create another email with just FAQ’s that sends out automatically a few hours later to stay top of mind and to give yourself plenty of time to personally respond.

Well done! You now have the power of Dubsado working for you to take care of any applications that come in the SECOND they come in. Meaning you can chill out and not stress as soon as new application comes in to respond and set everything up straight away.

Conclusion: Is Dubsado worth the money?

When it comes to managing a successful small business as a female entrepreneur AND mum it’s important to have the right tools so you can work smarter not harder. That’s where Dubsado comes in!


Dubsado has a learning curve. But you do not need to set up ALL THE THINGS straight away. Start with an application form, embed it on your website and set up a super simple workflow that simply responds to any applications with a quick “thank you for your application” as I’ve just shown you.

Is Dubsado worth the money? Yes, if you have an steady flow of clients where you do the same things over and over again. Yes, if you send out invoices, contracts and onboarding information.

You get to try Dubsado for free with your first 3 clients!

At the moment Dubsado is celebrating their 7 year birthday with a big sale! The premier plan is as little as $350/year, with this link you even get 20% off your first month or year!

This isn’t just a one-time price, this is your lifelong price!

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