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beautiful websites that actually make a difference

Creating beautiful websites that actually make a difference in your business


and life!

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With a strategic and beautiful website you can focus the time you have on your clients and create more amazing content, all while knowing that your website is always out there working for you – even when you’re busy playing with your children.

A website isn’t just a pretty thing. A website can be the entire hub in your business, earn you more money and make your life easier. Sound good? It gets better.

Some days you show up and are killing it on social media, some days you don’t even get to drink your coffee hot. 
What if you didn’t have to stress out on those days, knowing that you have a beautiful place where your leads can go, find your services, sign up, pay and join your programs without you even getting involved?

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working with sara is one of the most satisfying investments I have ever made in my business

A website can bring in your dream income and give you the confidence to show up knowing you have an amazing place for potential clients to go to.

but Tell me if I'm right:
You’d rather NOT have a website than have a website that doesn’t align with you and your brand?

Don't worry.
You can have a beautiful website that is also functional.

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Elena Favaro Viana

You are a blessing in my life


You didn’t have to freak out every time you didn’t have time or energy to post on social media?

You didn’t have to do all the selling in your DM’s or through email?

What if you could take the weekends off? 

Your masterclasses are bringing in steady income without you even getting involved?

You always had a beautiful, on brand place where everything is organised and ready for your potential clients to sign up?

Your website wasn’t just pretty but also helped you book high-end clients?

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you can have a dream business – and a dream life!

But how?
It’s time to make your website work for you. 

NordicDesign.studio pairs website strategy with beautiful design to help you create the coaching business – and life – of your dreams. 

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Mary Callan

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I know, it has to be beautiful and show your vibe or you’re not interested.

Before we leave each other, I will teach you how to handle your brand new website. I will record a video library for you on how to update, change and manage the basics so that you know exactly how to add that brand new offer to your site.

Web Design 


Ok, so now it's beautiful – but it has to be functional and reach your goals as well!


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Strategic and beautiful design is my passion. Being born in Sweden I’ve always loved the clean but powerful design that the Nordic is known for. Beauty goes hand in hand with function. A bit like IKEA.

But I’m also a mum. I do not have time to spend days tweaking things to make them perfect, some days I don’t even have time to work. I need to count on my website and systems to be there for me on those days. I am sure you feel the same, right? 

I would love to help you build a beautiful and strategic website that not only inspires and excites your clients to work with you, but that always is out there working for you on those days when the coffee already has been reheated.

And you know what, a strategic website CAN also be beautiful!

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