You’ve got some work to do on your website. Maybe your Front Page needs updating, you’ve got some new Sign up forms and things just feels a big slooow? Don’t worry, whatever it is, we can fix it!

what you get

12 hours 

Price: 300€

You have three months to use these hours up.
You can spread them out however you want (within reason). Front load it if you’re launching or get help a few hours every week.

BONUS: Custom 404-page!
You don’t want people landing here, but if they do, why not give them a full branded experience that leads them right back in to your website?

things i can help you with

  • Redesign parts of your website
  • Integrate new CTA’s and sign up forms
  • Streamline your pages
  • Technical back end (backups, wonky plugins, etc)
  • Making your site responsive
  • Updating your blog posts
  • Finish building pages
  • Set up completely new pages
  • Speed up site
  • Weekly updates and test runs of links, contact forms etc

apply here


Not at the moment. Payment is done in full at the start of the project.

You have three months to use up your hours.

But you can decide how to use them, within reason and what works with my schedule. Maybe you’re building a launch and you need a lot of help getting your website up to speed but once you’re launching only one hour a day.

If something comes up and you can’t do as much work on your project as you wanted – just let me know and we can work out a solution that works for you!


The easiest way for me to access your website is for you to create a new user on your site. To be able to make changes to your backend I need to be set as an Administrator. It’s easy to do and I’ll show you how!

Depending on what I’m doing for you, I’ll very likely need access to your hosting as well. The easiest way to do this is to use LastPass which is a (free) safe password sharing service.

Nah, unless you have a VERY small website with 1-3 pages 12 hours is not really enough for me to do a good job in redesigning your biz.

Check out this offer instead!

let's do this!