website redesign

from basic and boring to beautifully professional

How you look online is really


But when you started out, it probably wasn’t your number one priority, right?

You just needed to “have a website” 
You needed a contact form so people could get in contact
You didn’t really spend any time making it perfect
WordPress was just too much to wrap your head around

Sound familiar?

Imagine having a website:

• You are proud of
• Looks professional
• Gets you client

And works on any device!

Don’t loose clients because your website makes you look like a beginner!

this is for you

The Female Entrepreneur who are struggling to make their website look like the one they have in their head.

You have a WordPress website with a few pages, eg Services, About me, maybe a blog and a Contact page.

But quite honestly, it looks BASIC and it does not showcase your authority and credibility.

Let me fix it for you! I will redesign your site and within 2-4 weeks you will have a fresh, new website – ready for you to start showing up with confidence!

female entrepreneur

what's included

Website redesigned with Elementor

Responsive website – your site will work on phone, tablet & desktop

Integrating email lists and sign up forms

Automatic Backup set up

Suggestions on how to speed up your site, make more secure and what to do with the plugins you have/should have

let's do this

let's get started

The process usually goes like this:

  1. You fill in the form below!
  2. I go and check out your site!
  3. I’ll send you an email with a call invitation OR a Questionnaire for you to fill out. You get to tell me everything that frustrates you about your site and what your dream and need is!
    I know time isn’t really something you have – me neither. But I really do recommend doing the call, it gives so much more depth and personality and you’ll feel comfortable with me being a match to your business and visions.
  4. You will receive an email from me with a timeline, exact price and what you can expect
  5. That email will also have details about our Contract and your first deposit.
  6. Once you’ve signed and paid: LET’S DO THIS!
    You’ll get a Welcome email with some basic information about how to get a hold of me, how things usually work and how to give me access to your site.

  7. 1-3 weeks later: You have a fresh new website!

Timeframe: 1–3 weeks

Price: starting at 600€

sign up here

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