wordpress  by the hour

you can do it all

but why would you?

You’re an entrepreneur. Maybe you are  a parent, hello sleep deprived human being!
You need to feed children, dress children, entertain, educate and put those children to bed.
You need to produce content, write, film, take pictures, edit, plan and schedule.
You need to show up on Social Media and you need to be put together at least some of the time.
You need to be high vibe, have sales calls, sign clients and onboard those clients.
You need to take care of your finances, household and business.
And then you need to actually work in your business.

What did I forget?

Oh yeah. Your website. 
You probably forget about it too sometimes, right?

what if you could forget about your website?


wordpress  by the hour

you don't have to do it all

Is managing your website just a little bit too much right now?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to struggle and figure it out all alone! 

Get some help here:


From 50€/month

For those of you that have a “done” website and just need to forget it for a while without it crashing and falling apart.
  • Weekly Maintenance (updates, backups)
  • Weekly test runs (links, contact forms, sign up forms)

Anything else 30€/h



You’ve got some work to do on your website, maybe your Front Page needs refreshing, your site isn’t responsive or you’ve got some new Sign up forms that needs integrating.

Hours: 12.

BONUS: Custom 404-page!



You’ve got a lot of stuff to do. Maybe weekly blog posts that needs work, sign up forms that needs updating, sidebar looking a bit bland? Maybe your entire site needs a redesign?

Hours: 25.

BONUS 1: Custom 404-page!

BONUS 2: Redesign of your Front Page!


who is this for?

This is for the overwhelmed, stressed Female Entrepreneur who doesn’t have the time or energy to fiddle with all things website!

You’re done with things taking forever and not being done, and then just being rushed through with no love to get it off the to do-list!

You’d much rather stay in your zone of genius and plow forward instead of getting stuck with those sign up forms that have the wrong colour.


how much  time do you want back?