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You did not create your business to be on Social media and push sales in the DM's everyday, right? And yet, that's where you are.
There is another option.

you can have a dream business – and a dream life!

And let me guess, you'd rather have no website – than a website that doesn't align with your vibe and brand, am I right?

imagine the freedom you would have if your website did the hard work

With a strategic and beautiful website you can focus your energy on coaching more, creating more amazing content and trust that your energy and vibe is always out there working for you.

function can be beautiful



Elena Favaro Viana, january 2021

You are a blessing in my life



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Mary Callan, june 2021

You’ve made the whole process so easy!

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A Swedish Web Designer and Developer building strategic and beautiful websites to help high-vibe female online coaches turn their followers into high-paying clients.

I am sara

It’s not just a website. It’s about what it does for you. Getting leads automatically when you’re busy living your life, being able to charge higher prices, selling in your sleep and building your dream business!

I’m Swedish, my husband is English and we live in the South of France. So expect a British english with a weird accent (don’t get me to say white vest please), stripes and Scandi-white!

girl on fire!


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