NordicDesign.studios creates high converting Showit websites for female service providers


Running your own business should enable you to take days off when your children needs you.

Having your own business – so that you can spend time with your children, when YOU want to.

Websites exists to help you with that.

Running your own business should feel like freedom – not stress.

hej hello!

It's the calmness in your chest knowing that you are supported should Instagram, TikTok, Youtube or Facebook ever crash or disappear.

But a website is so much more than a business tool.

It's confidence. It's security. It’s motivation.

It's knowing that your potential clients can always find the best of you, learn about your services and buy or sign up to work with you when you are playing with your children.


Before working with Sara my website, in a word, was messy. /../ Today, I am proud to show off my website — it even inspires me to write more blogs!"


Cyndi Zaweski

You've made the whole process so easy for me – I'm so thankful.


Mary Callan

This launch was an all-around great experience! 


Dorothee Racette

ready to write the copy for your new website?

This is what I use with my clients to help them write and collect their copy! With prompts and sections this google docs collection is a great help in building your high converting website.


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I am Swedish Web Designer and Developer living in the South of France.

I started this business as a way to help mums build a life where we get to decide where and when we work.
My son had just turned one and I did not want to go back to corporate work. I wanted to be home with him and not miss any milestones. Running my own business was the answer.

And that is what websites help with. A website isn’t just a pretty thing. A website is a tool to help you and your business on those days you don’t want to, or can’t, show up. Those days your website is out there working for you.

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i'm sara

hej hello!