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into high-paying clients?

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You want a website that brings in your dream income, while also giving you the flexibility and freedom to make an impact – and reflect your amazing vibe!

Your vibe, energy and brand is the experience – and that is what sells!

You’d rather NOT have a website than have a website that doesn’t align with you and your brand, am I right? Well, let’s do it!

“Oh my Goodness I LOVE IT”

Mary Callan, april 2021

Function can be beautiful!

Social Media and DM’s can do a lot, but selling in the DM’s everyday is exhausting. 

With a strategic and beautiful website you can focus your energy on coaching more, creating more amazing content and trust that your energy and vibe is always out there working for you.

“Wouldn’t know what to say but WAUW! Looks amazing.”

Leen Van den Eynde, march 2021

let's turn your followers into

high-paying clients



A website will help you show your authority and credibility

A professional website will make it easier to charge higher prices



A website can do the hard work for you – more freedom for you!

How does getting sales in your sleep sound?


“You are a blessing in my life”

Elena Favaro Viana, january 2021

latest projects

“My amazing web designer”

Jen Norman, march 2021

hello there

High vibe coach!

I am sara

A Swedish Web Designer and Developer building strategic and beautiful websites to help high-vibe female online coaches turn their followers into high-paying clients

It’s not just a website. It’s about what it does for you. Getting leads automatically when you’re busy living your life, being able to charge higher prices, selling in your sleep and building your dream business!

I’m Swedish, my husband is English and we live in the South of France. So expect a British english with a weird accent (don’t get me to say white vest please), stripes and Scandi-white!

Are you ready to get there?