Building websites to help you


like the professional you are

Ready to turn your followers

into high-paying clients?

It's not about the website. You know you need a website to get those high-paying clients.
You know.
It's about how they see you and how you show up.

coffe stain



so I can show up as the professional I am


that perfectly suits me, my brand and my business


“Wouldn’t know what to say but WAUW! Looks amazing.”

Leen Van den Eynde, march 2021

“Oh Goodness I LOVE IT”

Mary Callan, april 2021

“You are a blessing in my life”

Elena Favaro Viana, january 2021

“My amazing web designer”

Jen Norman, march 2021

let's turn your followers into

high-paying clients

Yes, you need a website. Even if you are killing it on Social Media.



A website will help you show your authority and credibility to your clients.

Your offers and services are easy to find – and easy to book!



It’s YOURS! No algorithms, no weird outages, no shadow-banning.

Sara Ojasoo dressed in stripes and smiling

I am sara

A Swedish Web Designer and Developer helping female service-providers show their authority and credibility and convert their followers to high-paying clients

It’s not just a website. You know you need a website. It’s about what it does for you. Getting leads automatically when you’re busy living your life, charging higher prices, selling in your sleep and stop looking like a beginner.

I’m Swedish, my husband is English and we live in the South of France. So except a nice mish-mash of accents, stripes and Scandi-white!

what is your

DREAM life?

Are you ready to get there?