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A high-converting and beautiful website adapted to your business, your goals and your brand

What happens when you get sick?

What happens when your children get sick?

How do you find the energy to create new courses?

How do you just take a BREAK?

When you’re looking to grow your business and live life on your terms, social media is just not enough.

It's time to level up your business and take back control!

Showing up everyday is exhausting and if you have to be there all the time to get the sales and the new clients 

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I don’t believe in websites only being pretty. I believe in websites being a tool to help you AND your business.

I believe that websites are there so that you can take a break and go out into the sunshine and play with your kids, wake up to money in the bank and finally feel like you are living the life of freedom you imagined when you started your business.

I also believe that you don’t have to choose:

a website should be both high-converting AND beautiful

a website tailored to you & your business

And all the other things!
How about integrating your Amazon store front?

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tell me what you need!

custom website design

What do YOU need?

The addons:

Email marketing integration
2 week email support 
Video tutorials

Includes Blog roll and blog post templates

Landing pages
Grow your email list with Lead magnets/freebies

Always included:

Social Media Landing Page
No more ugly, unbranded Linktrees!

Service Pages
Sales pages / Work with me, how many offers do you have?

I work with Thrivecart, Shopify, WooCommerce etc.

the basics:

Your business is unique and you need things specific to you and your niche.
That's why I don't offer a set in stone-package, but customise it to you.

why is this different from a template?

Templates can be generic and when your goal is to stand out in the sea of online coaches, having the same template as Karen is NOT the way forward.

Templates are cool, they make fancy websites affordable.
But they don’t make it easier, unless you’re great with tech.
They are not built for YOUR brand, style, vibe, goals and problems. 

Cyndi Zaweski

It's one of the most satisfying investments I have ever made in my business.


a high-converting website is for you if:

You are done with half-assed solutions

Frustrated with “good enough” websites

You want the tech that HELP you in your business AND LIFE

The reason I built my business was so that I could stay home with my son and not go back to the office. I wanted to live life differently, fuller and happier. 

To me that looked like taking days off with zero notice when my son woke up with a fever.

Working for a few hours in the morning and taking the entire afternoon off to go to the beach. Or doing the opposite and spending the day with my family and getting a few hours of work in later in the evening.

What I quickly realised, was that the way to get all this freedom was to have a solid as fuck website that not only positioned me as an authority, but also did all the heavy lifting and could automate as much of my work as possible.

i want this too!

You don’t have to do all the sales in your DM’s.

You don’t have to be chained to your phone all day long.

You don’t have to work 9-5 (or let’s be honest here, 9-9) to grow to 6 figures

Sara's process of working together is so easy and streamlined every single detail was taken care of. She truly listens and grasped the essence of my brand so quickly. I would recommend her to anyone!

Ashlee Moore


I am a Swedish Web Designer living my dream life in the South of France!

I started this business as a way to help mums build a life where WE get to decide where and when we work.
My son had just turned one and I did not want to go back to corporate work. I wanted to be home and not miss any of his milestones. Having my own business was the answer.

And that's where websites come in. A website isn’t just a pretty thing, a great website can help you have the freedom to do whatever you want to with your days; play with your kids, take a day off when they need you or have an early night and wake up to money in the bank. Great websites makes dreams happen.

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hej hello!

I am sara.

Your design process is so refined + elevated – this process has just started and yet it feels so light and fun!

Lyndsay Stoker


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No strings attached!


How long does this take?

You can usually count on having your brand new website ready for launch within 2 to 6 weeks.

What is the cost of a bespoke website?

There is no generic answer to this. Do you have four pages, or fifteen? Email marketing, a shop?
A basic bespoke design with a up to 8 pages starts at 2 000€. Send in an application and let’s hop on a call to talk about what you need and how I can help you!

Can’t I just get a template and get it customised to me?

If you feel that that suits you better, then of course, go for it! 

But what a template can never give you is something completely designed for you, with your brand, your vibe, your audience and your goals in mind. A template can be great, but it is a generic design and not tailored to be high converting for YOU.