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I’m Sara, a Swedish Web Designer and Developer living in the South of France.

Being born in Sweden I’ve always loved the clean but powerful design that the Nordic is known for. Beauty goes hand in hand with function.
No, I’m not thinking of Ikea...

I’m really excited to be working with you to build a strategic and beautiful website that truly inspires and excites your clients to work with you!
And you know what, you don’t have to compromise!


function can be beautiful


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What are your goals and dreams – how can we make them come true?

Web strategy

our process


I know, it has to be beautiful and show your vibe or you’re not interested.

Web Design 


Ok, so now it's beautiful – but it has to be functional and reach your goals as well!


it's not about the website

I don’t need to tell you that you should have a website. You already now that, that’s why you are here.

the thing is what the website does for you

  Social Media and DM’s can do a lot, but selling in the DM’s everyday is exhausting. Imagine the freedom that you could gain if you let your website do the hard work. With a strategic and beautiful website you can focus your energy on coaching more, creating more amazing content and trust that your energy and vibe is always out there working for you.

  Studies show that consumers consider businesses without websites less professional. First impression is also important, you could have amazing content – but if it comes in crappy design people will back off and consider you less professional. Unfair? Maybe.

  A website is yours. You can run it however you want to. Make it look however you want to, no social media algorithms or drama about shadow banning. Oh, and when the new Clubhouse comes around – you can take it a bit easy, you’ve got your website. That is not going anywhere.

you can have a dream business and a dream life!


2021 is closed – but there is a blank new year ahead of us! What will you make of 2022?
Will it be the year you finally reach your goals?
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