I am sara

I am Swedish Web Designer and Developer living in the South of France.

When my first child was one year old and my maternity leave was over (hey, did I say Iā€™m Swedish?) I realised that I did not want ā€“ could not! ā€“ go back to working in corporate again. 

What would I do when my son was sick?

Should he spend his entire days in childcare?

What milestones would I miss by not being there?

No. I needed to find another solution.

And I did. Web design and development became my passion, not only because it is insanely fun ā€“ but because I get to help other women doing exactly what I am doing:

Building their life of their dreams on their terms.

hej hello!

Running your own business should feel like freedom ā€“ not stress.

Running your own business should enable you to take days off when the children need you.

Running your own business ā€“ so that you can spend time with your children.

Four years experience with Wordpress, it's plugin jungle and blogging.

I follow Showits Design Market Standards and have passed their certification.

Experience with Kajabi, Teachable, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, Flodesk, Mailchimp etc.

Before working with Sara my website, in a word, was messy. /../ Today, I am proud to show off my website ā€” it even inspires me to write more blogs!"


Cyndi Zaweski

You've made the whole process so easy for me ā€“ I'm so thankful.


Mary Callan

This launch was an all-around great experience! 


Dorothee Racette

a website is not just a pretty thing ā€“ it is a business tool