i need

a new sales page

a website refresh

to do lots of updates

to add new branding

to create a shop


let's go!


it's not always about tearing it all down and starting over.

Cyndi Zaweski

Working with Sara is one of the most satisfying investments i have ever made in my business.


what do you need?

A VIP Day is all about your checklist; What do you need to get done?

Here are some of the things we can get done:

  • Create new sales pages
  • Redesign your home page/Sales page/pages
  • Create brand new pages
  • Update or add any email marketing integrations (lead magnets)
  • Add your new branding to the entire site
  • Update the copy of your site
  • Create a new shop
  • Update your existing shop
  • Add your Instagram feed

Did you read that thinking "I need that, I need that and that, oh and I need that as well", maybe instead of band-aiding your current website you actually need to start fresh? Head over here.

I need a vip day

How it works



When you apply  you will be sent a form to fill out all of your to do's.



Together we go through your list and work out how much we can get done in one day.


your day!

When your day arrives I work my way through your to do-list and get it all done in one day.


time zone

Depending on your time zone your day might get split into two, so none of us needs to be working at night.

ok. let's go!

PRICE: 1 000€

Previous client? Enjoy 10% off!

Cyndi Zaweski

Before working with Sara my website, in a word, was messy. /../ I simply wasn't proud of directing people to my website.

Sara's process from discovery call to final product hand-off was flawless. She listened to my concerns and mapped out a creative strategy to achieve my goals for the website. The VIP Day was so efficient! /../Today, I am proud to show off my website β€” it even inspires me to write more blogs!


previous client story

See behind the scenes of Cyndi's VIP Day over on Instagram!

read cyndi's story here

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Your design process is so refined + elevated – this process has just started and yet it feels so light and fun!

Lyndsay Stoker


I am a Swedish Web Designer living my dream life in the South of France!

I started this business as a way to help mums build a life where WE get to decide where and when we work.
My son had just turned one and I did not want to go back to corporate work. I wanted to be home and not miss any of his milestones. Having my own business was the answer.

And that's where websites come in. A website isn’t just a pretty thing, a great website can help you have the freedom to do whatever you want to with your days; play with your kids, take a day off when they need you or have an early night and wake up to money in the bank. Great websites makes dreams happen.

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hej hello!

I am sara.


What can you actually do in ONE day?

A lot! 
For example, I have created a shop, a portfolio, updated a Home page, added a social media feed in one VIP day.
Of course it all depends on how much content there is on the pages, but one day of full focus work can create wonders!

I’m in a different time zone – how does that work?

No problem! If our time zone is different (I am in France GMT+1) we split the VIP Day into two. That way I can get all the things that needs your input done while you are asleep, then while I sleep you wake up and give needed feedback, that I then finish off the next day = no one needs to work at night time!