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Mini Website

custom made 4-page

The Mini Website is an affordable way to have a bespoke website designed, created and launched in just a few days.

Stop wasting your evenings trying to build it yourself, getting frustrated with tech and not being able to create what you can see in your head. Get it all done for you without loosing valuable time.

You know you need a website

i'm done wasting time

what you get


lead magnet integration




video tutorials

BONUS: 6 Canva graphics: 3 Instagram feed posts & 3 Instagram story graphics

PRICE: 1 200€ (payment plan available)

  • Workbooks to help you write the copy for your new website
  • Pages optimised & ready for SEO
  • Fully mobile responsive site
  • Fully customisable pages for you to grow with - ZERO coding knowledge needed!

(Home, About, Sales page, Contact)

Ok, I'm ready!

Sara's process of working together is so easy and streamlined every single detail was taken care of. She truly listens and grasped the essence of my brand so quickly. I would recommend her to anyone!

Ashlee Moore


what i need from you

showit account

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your branding

You need your colour palette, typefaces/fonts, any design elements and logo if applicable.


Need help? I collaborate with several copywriters, just let me know and they'll help you out!


You need to set up your own Showit account, the Basic tier is enough.

To build a website you need to own your own domain, .com, .org etc.


If you've done a photoshoot, amazing! 

All the copy for your four pages.

Your design process is so refined + elevated – this process has just started and yet it feels so light and fun!

Lyndsay Stoker


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Cyndi Zaweski

It's one of the most satisfying investments I have ever made in my business.


I am a Swedish Web Designer living my dream life in the South of France!

I started this business as a way to help mums build a life where WE get to decide where and when we work.
My son had just turned one and I did not want to go back to corporate work. I wanted to be home and not miss any of his milestones. Having my own business was the answer.

And that's where websites come in. A website isn’t just a pretty thing, a great website can help you have the freedom to do whatever you want to with your days; play with your kids, take a day off when they need you or have an early night and wake up to money in the bank. Great websites makes dreams happen.

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hej hello!

I am sara.


Do I need to have all my content written and ready when I book?

No, not at all! When you book the Mini Website you'll get access to workbooks to help you write your website copy. Then it's up to you tell me when you're ready. Tomorrow, next week, two months, it's ok. This is a stress free zone!

What is the difference between a Mini website and a Bespoke?

The Mini Website is just that, mini. It has four pages – and that's it. If you want to add on more things, just ask and I will make you a personalised suggestion.
The Bespoke website is the full experience with NO LIMITATIONS. As many pages as you need, as many integrations as you can possibly want.

How long does this take?

When you've supplied all your content (copy for the pages, images and branding) you will be given the next available slot and the process takes just 3-5 days.

What are the restrictions with Showit?

Showit on a basic (the cheapest) plan allows for 20 gb of storage and up to 10 000 website visitors per month. 
The advanced plan allows for 25 000 website visitors per month.