November 10, 2021

How to turn your followers into clients using your website

Did you start your business to work all the time?

Answer DM’s all the time?

Post content and send emails all the time?

I didn’t. I started my business because I wanted FREEDOM. And having all my clients clog up my DM’s, not converting to clients and just being “followers” is not creating that.

So how do you start turning your followers into high-paying clients?

One of THE BEST ways to show your authority, deepen their knowledge and desire to work with you is to get them over to your website.

Why do you want to drive traffic to your website?

Why is your website such a great convert machine?

First of all, it’s always there. Social Media is amazing, but it is not yours. I know you know this and felt this after Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp died a few weeks ago.

Apart from them being hacked, you could get blocked or hacked and everything you have there can disappear.

Your website is yours. Your rules. Your content. Your brand, vibe, the entire experience can be tailored exactly for you!

What does that actually mean?

That means that when someone lands on your site you can greet them with your smiling face, people saying how amazing you are to work with, you can give them your lead magnet and get them in your funnel and you can sell just as much and as hard as you want.

Having people going to your website also opens up the amazing world of automation.

How to convert followers to clients

How do you drive traffic to your website?

Here are some ideas on how to send more traffic to your website from Instagram:

β€’ Fill out the application – don’t clog the DM’s

Instead of telling people to apply to work with you by sending you a DM – ask them to fill out the application on your website. Another bonus of having them fill out the application form is that you can have that setup with a bunch of automations! How about having an option that straight away decides whether they are a good fit or not? If not, send an automated email telling them “sorry, I love you, but no”. And always send an email straight away thanking them for applying to work with you and what the next steps are.

β€’ Read more about xxx on my website!

Talk about your morning/evening/success routine – then tell your followers to go to your website to read about your evening/morning/mindset routine. Make sure that blog post has a great CTA for your lead magnet and links to your 1:1 coaching and your masterclasses!

β€’ I shared 10 more ideas on my website – click the link in bio to read them all.

β€’ My most popular service is XXX, do you want to know why? I’m showing you the reason on my website!

This can literally be your best testimonials.

β€’ End of this month I’m opening up two new spots for 1:1 coaching with me – Interested? All details are on my website! Or “Sign up for the waitlist on my website!”

Two birds with one stone: Website traffic AND building your email list.

β€’ Secret new offer coming out soon – if you want first dibs – sign up on my website!

β€’ Discount offer right now on my website!

Don’t forget to push the sale by setting a time limit (use the countdown sticker on Instagram Stories!).

β€’ Quiz! People love to take quick and easy quizzes!

You could do a quiz on which of your programs they should join, if you and them are a great match to work together or which method would work best for them to change their life.

I love to create my quizzes with Typeform.

Do you want more ideas?

Grab your copy of my guide “20 ideas to drive traffic to your website” here! It includes a clever content workflow to stop spreading yourself so thin!

Always invite your followers to your website, on Instagram it’s so easy with the link sticker finally being rolled out to every account!

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