March 12, 2022

Showit vs WordPress: Why you should leave WordPress for Showit

WordPress is the biggest platform out there. Showit is smaller, but based on WordPress database. Which one is the best choice for you? Showit vs WordPress, round one.

Two years ago when I started my business I was all in on WordPress. I thought it was an amazing platform! You could make whatever you wanted with it! And when I found Elementor it seemed like an absolute dream platform to work with.

Then I started getting annoyed by the constant “update plugin”, “update your php”, “new version of WordPress”. All of these updates with the caveat: Make sure you have a backup first and preferably do the update on a staging site before you do it live because it might break your website.

Then I started seeing lots LOTS of DDOS attacks from hackers.

Needless to say, WordPress was getting annoying.

Then my amazing coach introduced me to Showit. And I never ever want to go back.

And here is why you should leave WordPress as well:


What is actually GOOD with WordPress?

  1. Massive amount of tutorials
  2. Massive amount of themes (both paid and free)
  3. You can turn it into whatever you want, newspaper, blog, membership, regular website, you name it
  4. Pretty good for e-commerce with the plug-in WooCommerce (but honestly, Shopify is better)

What is NOT good with WordPress?

  1. Maintenance! If you don’t keep plugins, php, WordPress and your theme up to date you run the risk of leaving your site vulnerable to attacks, and for things to just stop working
  2. Plugin and themes developer do not work together, meaning any update can break something else
  3. WordPress is the most attacked platform
  4. Complicated UI with lots of menu options
  5. Unless you’re comfortable with HTML/CSS and a page builder it’s really hard to create a stunning website true to your brand
  6. You need to take care of your hosting and your backups


Showit is also WordPress.

But what Showit has done is to keep the only thing that is really, really, good with WordPress, which is the writing blog posts/articles, and stripped away the rest and paired it with a easy to use platform with TOTAL design freedom (the most basic explanation is that it’s almost like working with Canva).

Showit was originally made for wedding photographers that need websites with lots of BIG beautiful images. But has grown to be one of the most loved platforms, especially for female entrepreneurs.

The BEST things about Showit

  1. Total design freedom
  2. Hosting and platform in one – they take care of updates and backups
  3. Total design freedom on mobile view
  4. Quick loading
  5. User friendly with intuitive UI
  6. Amazing support

What is NOT so good with Showit?

  1. More advanced plugins require a higher subscription fee
  2. Can seem “simple” and one dimensional at first glance
  3. Designing from scratch takes longer

Showit vs WordPress

In my opinion, there is only two cases where WordPress wins over Showit:

  1. When you sell a lot of products
  2. When you need to build out a membership site

BUT, In case 1: You should be on Shopify

In case 2: You as a coach already have your courses, programs and masterclasses on Kajabi/Teachable, so you don’t need to build that out. And also, you can build memberships on Showit…

What you as a coach need

“Everyone is a coach nowadays”, the saying goes.

But here is the thing, it is not the thing you teach that sets you apart and makes people buy from you. It’s HOW you teach it, it’s YOU, your brand, your vibe, the experience of working with you that sells and that magnetizes people into your sphere.

You need a website that can exactly show off your brand and vibe, you need to show the experience and the magic that working with you is. You’d rather NOT have a website, than a website that isn’t on brand, am I right?

Your brand and your vibe is pure gold.

Ps If you need help moving from WordPress to Showit, send me a message! I would LOVE to set you free and give you your time back!

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